Sustainable Livelihoods

Food! Sustainable Livelihoods, Health and Communities. A Welsh Cameroon initiative. Solutions to improve livelihoods, health. communities and the environment through the lens of food.

Our Services

Our team of experts provide training in methods and techniques for preserving fruit and vegetables, butchery, charcuterie, confectionery, dairy products, ready meals, smoked meats and fish and more.
We provide practical support to Micro, Small or Medium agri-food/ food businesses or to people thinking about setting up an agri-food/ food business.
Whether you wish to sell your products locally or internationally, our experts can help you meet and exceed industry standards.
We have organised a variety of events to promote the agrifood sector – Festivals, markets, awards, meet the buyer, meet the producer. We can help you with all of your agrifood promotion needs.
We can help you promote your region, hotel, restaurant, or community by helping you to develop a “sense of place” through local food, cuisine, and activities.
Let us help you with marketing, design and packaging solutions for your products to help you stand out in the market!


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