Back to Our Roots: Growing and Sharing Without Borders

Obtaining locally grown vegetables to eat is generally acknowledged as good for us and the environment. However, many vegetables enjoyed by people from culturally diverse communities, like okra and callaloo, often require a warm climate to grow in and are therefore imported into the UK.

Some of these vegetables can be grown in in the UK! With a little knowledge, basic kit , and support, a novice grower can grow their own coriander , tomatoes, okra, collard greens/sukuma, callaloo (amaranth) and more!

Growing these vegetables instead of buying imported ones will help to mitigate climate change and help to save money.  The price of okra, for example has incresed from £4.00 to £8.00.

Back to Our Roots is a community of growers. Participants grow in their own homes but are connected through in person and virtual group sessions and a WhatsApp group.  This project is currently fully funded for people living in Wales.

For more information or to register please drop us a line carol (at) foodadventure (dot) co (dot) uk