Food! Sustainable Livelihoods…

Food! Sustainable Livelihoods, Health, and Communities is our flagship project helping people and communities prosper through food. The Food! Sustainable Livelihoods, Health, and Communities team is comprised of experts in project management, finance, agriculture, agri-food consultancy services, food production, food safety and hygiene, marketing, packaging, food standards, business support and mentoring. The project is supported by 2 leading Universities in the United Kingdom in the field of food security and food production, Queen’s University Belfast and Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The project aims to

  1. Help people gain a sustainable livelihood from food by transforming primary food ingredients into a secondary commodity
  2. Share best practice in agrifood by facilitating both local and global partnerships
  3. Support smallholders, micro and SME’s to consistently provide safe, quality food. This is often a barrier to them in participating in more lucrative value chain activities
  4. Ensure food is produced, transformed and sold in a manner which is safe, healthy, nutritious, fair and sustainable
  5. Help implements systems in food safety to help producers sell their products both locally and internationally
  6. Reduce food waste
  7. Reduce hunger and food poverty

To learn more about the project or get involved, please drop us a line at

This project is currently operating in the UK, Cameroon and the Bahamas and we are keen to expand into other locations.