Mango Jam

To make jam, you need fruit, sugar or honey, water, and if your fruit is low in pectin, lemon or lime. In this video you will learn a basic method which can be used on most fruits. If you are not sure if the fruit you would like to use is suitable for making jam, scroll down and  download our factsheet.

Our Mango Jam recipe is also available below.

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Jam needs 3 things in order to gel properly., pectin, acid and sugar.  Without these things, you will have a beautiful syrup but not a jam.. Mangoes are low in pectin and acid, but you can achieve a nicely set jam by adding lemon and a bit more honey or sugar. Another option would be to mix the mango with guavas  which have a high pectin content. This fact sheet gives you the pectin and acid levels of some common fruit.

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