Back to Our Roots: Growing and Sharing Without Borders

Obtaining locally grown vegetables to eat is generally acknowledged as good for us and the environment. However, many vegetables enjoyed by people from culturally diverse communities, like okra and callaloo, often require a warm climate to grow in and are therefore imported into the UK. Some of these vegetables can be […]

Cooking in the Community

What better way to share in community spirit than through everyone’s love of food. Food also carries deep personal and cultural connections and can help us discover the richness of the community and the world in which we live. Cooking in the Community has 3 main goals Teach people how to […]

Food! Sustainable Livelihoods…

Food! Sustainable Livelihoods, Health, and Communities is our flagship project helping people and communities prosper through food. The Food! Sustainable Livelihoods, Health, and Communities team is comprised of experts in project management, finance, agriculture, agri-food consultancy services, food production, food safety and hygiene, marketing, packaging, food standards, business support and mentoring. The […]